Search Engine Optimization 2016 Starter Guide

Search Engine Optimization 2016 Starter Guide

Search Engine Optimization 2016

It is important to do your SEO right. Many SEO have some common tactics but there are many variation as well. A good SEO professional will keep a lookout at the latest update by Google and follow closely. This way, the effort will be highly rewarded. The lazy way to do SEO is to remain the same and think that SEO never change much. In fact every little change has a rolling effect in a long run. Some measures are released little by little and over a period of time, the old SEO method will land the site under server penalty. It is quite difficult to get out of Google penalty once you are in it. Especially when you have done so much backlinks that is of low quality.

SEO Approach in 2016 and Beyond

SEO 2016 and beyond should be focus on quality and content. We must make the backlink look natural and focus on building a brand name than keywords.
When doing so, you will build trust and good online reputation. Your brand name will be made know online. Once you have built a good online community reputation, you can start to rank.

What should your focus be? Here are a list of the SEO activities you should be focusing:

  1. On-Page SEO

    This mean having you website score as high as possible for criteria set by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are hundreds of ranking factors to put together to get 1st page ranking. Local SEO search has a set of criteria as well. So you really should set up your website the way that will increase the chance of getting ranked. You can read more about on-page SEO in Moz Website.

  2. Off-Page SEO

    This is a series of activities that will make your website popular. It consist mainly about link building. Building high quality links to your website over a period of time will make your website really popular. With increase in popularity, your website will gain the attention of the search engine and chances of being selected for 1st page appearance will be higher. Off-page optimization include guest post from high quality blogs. This is one which i highly regard as the most high quality link, provided it has high domain authority or page authority. Best if it has both. However, guest post is not easy to come by. First of all, you need permission from the blog owner to allow you to post articles. Once you have gain the trust of the blog owner, you can start to post articles and link back to your website. Other backlinks include no follow back links. One of the most power no follow back link is press release. Press release site like Marketers Media, News Wire provide high quality no follow back links. No follow backlinks are important and should have them as part of your total link profile. This is to make your website link profile look as natural as possible. Otherwise, your website will be looked upon as a site created just for SEO.

Conclusion about SEO for 2016 and Beyond

I would like you to think of SEO as like building your own business. You should rely on good practice of SEO and do lots of research online to learn more from good well known site. Google has articles that outline what is considered as good practice. Some SEO company provide good on-page seo for website. This is really good as website created with good on-page SEO will be popular and rank high on search engine. One of the digital marketing agency i came across is Amazing Web Services, a Singapore based digital marketing agency that create website and do SEO services for businesses.

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