Difference Between Follow and No Follow Links

Difference Between Follow and No Follow Links

Follow and no follow link, what is the difference? For the successful SEO process, we should have clear understanding of it. Back-linking is an important factor of Search engine optimization.

What is Backlinks?

To rank your website in SERPs, SEOs create external links on different sites to your website is called Backlinks. They can be in any form or with any tactic. SEO is majorly depends upon the popularity of a site and it can be done by creating links on other website but be careful as they must be accurate and according to the norms. If we don’t follow the norms or violate them then it will be considered as Black Hat SEO or negative SEO.

When we do linking, we should be aware with the nature of the Backlinks. There are two types of them one those are important and second those are not so important. Let’s get a clear idea on both these terminologies:

  1. Do follow Links: Do follow links allow search engines to follow them and to reach your website. These types of links are followed by both Search engines and humans. So, creating Do-follow links is important as they get crawled by search engines and their value is also gets transferred.
  2. No follow Links: No follow is HTML attribute value introduced by Matt cutts in 2005. People use these link types when they don’t want to pass the juice of that particular link as search engines won’t read them. These kind of links are only human-based not crawler based.

Major difference between them is do follow pass link juice while no follow don’t pass the link juice. Research has taught us that there should be a good moderate no follow links versus do follow link in order to have a natural link profile. We can’t have all follow and none of no follow links. This is unnatural in SEO and possibly

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