What Is Search Engine Optimization 2016 – Starter Guide

What Is Search Engine Optimization 2016 – Starter Guide

Search Engine Optimization also abbreviated as SEO is a tactic to improve business sales online by working on various activities to increase the number of visitors on one’s site and to increase the keywords rankings in major search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing organically.

SEO is very vast and it is divided into two sections. Let’s discuss about them in detail below herein:

  1. On-Page Optimization: In this section SEO person would work on the website’s technicalities. He will check your website design for the on-page technical as per Google Guidelines and then fix all the errors to make the website SEO and Crawler friendly. On-page optimization includes many techniques like: Website Speed, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, ALT Tags, H Tags, Robots.txt, XML Sitemaps, Structured Data and many more.
  2. Off-Page Optimization: In this, SEO person will publish your website on other platforms to build the Backlinks and to build the user base. There are many activities to follow i.e. Social Bookmarking, Social Media Profiles, Infographics, Video Infographics, Image Sharing, Blog Posing, Classifieds, PDFs, PPTs and many more.

In short, On-page stands for the changes we do on the website and Off-page stands for publishing/creating Backlinks on other websites. Well, as we know the difference between these two parts of Search engine optimization I would like to drag your attention towards to the algorithm changes and quality required.

There are some norms set by Google also known as Google Guidelines. We have to follow those guidelines if we want to see our website ranking on it for the keywords. If we don’t follow them then there are many algorithms, updating on timely basis to remove or drop your site from the SERPs. Every algo has their own rules to check your website and work done. Names of them are: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Mobile Friendly, Phantom, Pirate, Pigeon and Page Layout etc.

Quality matters a lot in terms of the aspects, On-page and Off-page. We will discuss about techniques and algorithms in our next article.

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